Services Offered

Horizontal Auguring/Auger Boring

A method for installing pipes and cable ducts wherein the pipe fully supports the ground during the boring process. Continuous auger flights contained within a steel pipe are rotated, cutting while the pipe is being simultaneously pushed into the ground. The ground is supported by the pipe itself, and the process is minimally invasive.

The auger flights convey the spoil back to the work pit for collection and disposal.

Can handle product or casing pipes from 600mm minimum to 1850mm maximum over distances from 5 m to 130 m in length. Used in instances where conventional open cut methods are not committed, practical; economically or environmentally viable.

Pipe Ramming

A pneumatic hammer is used to push steel casings through the ground. Used In instances where auguring is not feasible – I E - sands and and cobbles.

The work area for Pipe ramming is confined to the entry and exit points, leaving the balance of the ground undisturbed.

When the desired length is achieved, the spoil inside of the pipe is removed by auguring, compressed air or water.

Does not generate slurry. Ideal for working in changeable ground conditions or embankments. Dry installation method – does not generate slurry.

Guided Boring

A steered method generally used for the precise installation of gravity pipes. Generally used in areas where accuracy and minimal settlement are required.

Once the entry and exit pits are constructed – a pilot bore is driven to line and level – using a theodolite and digital camera to get real time monitoring . When the pilot bore is complete, a reaming head and auguring tubes are inserted, following the pilot bore and widening the opening to the desired diameter.

GBMs are becoming increasingly sophisticated in order to deal with underground congestion in major metropolitan areas.

Pipe Jacking

Powerful hydraulic jacks are used to push specially designed pipes behind a shield at the same time as excavation is taking place and advancing within the shield. Generally referred to as micro tunnelling in smaller diameter's – pipes up to 3000 mm can be inserted with a high degree of accuracy.

The jacking frame can work in conjunction with range of mechanical and remote control excavation systems.

Precise positioning of the guide rails within the thrust pit and aditional surveying equipment can be used for shorter pipe jacking lengths – while longer lengths generally use a sophisticated steerable system.

Client Services

There is no typical client. There is no typical job.

We offer services ranging from simple execution – right through to full EPCM - and everything in between.

Bring us your job – or bring us your idea. We will sit down with you and offer the safest, most economical method of completion.

That is our promise to you.

Direct Pipe

Kramer Direct is pleased to add the Herrenknecht Direct Pipe System to our list of client services

Direct Pipe is a proven, sophisticated hybrid which combines the advantages of HDD and micro tunnelling to allow single pass installation of steel product pipes in diameters from 30 to 60 inches.
Major advantages include:

  • Greatly reduces the possibility of hydraulic fracture and inadvertent returns.
  • Able to operate in all geologies from sand and silt to gravel, cobbiesand hard rock.
  • Single Pass –borehole is excavated and product pipeline installed at the same time. No reaming –no pullback.
  • Steerable both vertically and horizontally. Capable of managing both uphill and downhill slopes –as well as curved drives alongthe alignment.
  • Requires access from only one side. Ideal for water outfalls and sensitive environmental areas.
  • Small footprint –ideal for densely populated or congested industrial settings.
  • Lower manpower and equipment requirements.
  • Able to launch from surface, a shallow pit or deep shaft.
  • Capable of a much shorter and shallower crossing profile, thereby requiring less pipe.
  • Fully closed slurry circuit which uses up to 70% less bentonite. The mud system cleans and reuses the bentonite –thereby greatly decreasing disposal costs.
  • Our DP System is staffed and operated by experienced personnel under the guidance of DP General Manager Rob Schenker. In addition to hands on DP experience in Alberta, Rob has 30 years of tunnelling, boring and HDD experience throughout Western Canada and the United States.

Pipeline installation in one step

With the unique Direct Pipe® technology, Herrenknecht has opened up new possibilities for installing pipelines in every geology. This method combines the advantages of microtunnelling and HDD technology. In one step only, a prefabricated pipeline can be installed and the required borehole excavated at the same time. This allows speedy and highly economic installation of pipelines with lengths of more than 1,500 meters.

Two technologies cleverly combined

From the launch pit, the soil is excavated using a slurry-supported Herrenknecht Microtunnelling Machine (AVN). It pumps the excavated material through a slurry circuit inside the prefabricated pipeline, to a separation plant located aboveground. The pipeline, which is laid out on the surface on rollers and welded to the end of the microtunnelling machine, is pushed into the borehole at the same time as excavation takes place. The necessary thrust force is provided by the Pipe Thruster. It pushes the microtunnelling machine forward together with the pipeline – with a thrust force of up to 500 tonnes in increments of 5 meters. The push force is transferred to the pipeline through the Pipe Thruster’s clamping unit and then to the machine’s cutterhead. During excavation, the tunnel face can be controlled consistently and safely using slurry-supported tunnelling technology even in heterogeneous, water permeable soils. Uphill and downhill slopes, as well as curved drives along the alignment, can be managed precisely by guidance systems (U.N.S.).

HSE and Aboriginal Involvement


Safety is Job One
The safety of our employees, clients, and subcontractors is a major priority at Kramer Direct. In addition to hiring experienced and qualified Trenchless staff, KD works work directly with a seasoned team of safety professionals from our partner company PCWE (in excess of 620,000 hours worked in 2015/16–0 lost time- 0 lost days).
With this team as a resource, our clients can rely on us to promote safety as the foundation of our company culture.
A dedicated safety manual is already in the works – and we intend to pursue our own COR, WCB, and independent standing with ISNET and ComplyWorks as soon as possible.

Aboriginal Involvement

Kramer Direct is an equal opportunity employer. We believe in working together to build and strengthen relationships which preserve and strengthen the common land and communities we share. KD will seek to employ Aboriginal workers in all positions. This includes Management, Supervisors, Foreman, Operators and Labourers in all areas we currently work. Like PCWE, we will strive for a minimum of 25% Aboriginal workforce. We will draw from the PCWE resource which currently has an understanding with the George Gordon First Nations and the Piapot First Nations, both located in Saskatchewan –from whom they source many Aboriginal employees.

Environmental Policy

Kramer Direct will fully comply with the letter and spirit of federal, provincial and local environmental laws and regulations. We recognize that the expense of environmental protection, compliance and awareness is a cost of doing business. We ensure that each employee is responsible and accountable for the environmental performance of his or hers activities, and provide training for our employees to perform their activities in a manner which is consistent with this responsibility. We will return each site to its original, or better than original state. All environmentally sensitive materials stored on job sites will be stored in one location. Any partially used or empty containers will be stored in the same location with the exteriors of the containers cleaned as to not cause any contamination. Any spills will be reported, documented and cleaned up according to legislative and customer requirements. When disposing of any environmentally sensitive materials they will be transported in a sealed environment as to not cause any spills in transport and taken to the appropriate recycler in the area.

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Who We Are

Tim Kramer

Principal Owner and Managing Partner.

An entrepreneur and visionary, Tim Kramer has spent a lifetime building businesses which serve the heavy construction industry in Western Canada. Heavy equipment, aviation, and service sector companies have proudly borne the Kramer name and provide community support in the areas they service.

Kramer Direct follows in that tradition. Recognizing opportunity at the confluence where advances in trenchless technology address ongoing environmental concerns; Tim's Initial interest in the Herrenknecht direct pipe system has been expanded to encompass the entire scope of No-Dig services.

Tim will have an active role in directing the future of his latest endeavor.

John Adderley


Since incorporating Pro Canada West Energy Inc. in 2011, John has grown his Company to become the largest independent pipeline contractor in Saskatchewan.

PCWE will provide systems, personnel, and support equipment to Kramer Direct as the Company becomes established in the marketplace.

Rob Schenker

General Manager

Cell: 403-464-6558

Rob has over 32 years (25 in trenchless) of heavy construction experience throughout Canada and the United States.

Some 25 years ago, he decided to focus his efforts on the trenchless industry. Starting in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Rob began as a labourer – then worked his way up to become General Manager of a large horizontal drilling company. He worked in this capacity for 10 years, becoming familiar with different trenchless technologies and Geotech throughout all of Western Canada and the United States

Rob moved his family to Alberta in 2012. As GM Direct Pipe for another company, Rob oversaw and successfully completed one of the first Direct Pipe shots in Canada – a 238 m crossing of the Bow River near downtown Calgary. His extensive knowledge of Trenchless technologies, geotech, and industry participants will stand him in good stead as general manager of Kramer Direct.

Henry Van Nistelrooy

Business Development

Cell: 403-393-0841

Henry has some 30 years experience selling products into the Western Canadian oil patch.

His familiarity with trenchless technologies, and particularly the Herrenknecht Direct Pipe System will assist the new company and establishing itself.

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