We are proud to work on numerous trenchless projects with our clients. View below for photos of our Direct Pipe, Microtunneling, and Horizontal Auger Boring projects. Ready to get started with Kramer Direct?

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- Crocker Creek DPI - 48" - 423m - SAEG/ CGL - 2022

- Salmon River DPI - 48" - 526m - CGL/SAEG - 2021

- Crooked River DPI - 48" - 423m - CGL/SAEG - 2020

- Big Creek DPI - 48" - 360m - OJ Pipeline/NGTL - 2019

- Highway 43 DPI - 48" - 279m - OJ Pipeline/NGTL - 2019

- Peace River Tributary DPI - 42" - 416m - SMJV/TCE - 2019

Why Kramer Direct​

Kramer Direct - Your Direct Pipe Specialists

Client-first approach: The constant search to provide faster and more cost-efficient customer solutions.

Kramer Direct - Your Direct Pipe Specialists

Up-front, all-inclusive pricing: We stand by our quotes for our customers and ensure our pricing covers all of your project needs.

Kramer Direct - Your Direct Pipe Specialists

Reliable and trained contractors: All of our operators are Herrenknecht directly trained with knowledge and experience using the equipment.

Kramer Direct - Your Direct Pipe Specialists

Top tier equipment and technology: Rigorous in-house testing and servicing of equipment after every use.

About Us​

Kramer Direct is a family-owned business that was founded with the goal of providing top-tier client service and industry-leading technology solutions within the direct pipe industry. The Kramer Direct team offers over 30 years of direct experience in the industry.